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Universe, daydream, infinite, geometric, repetition, magician, perception, mirror, game… The epithets to describe M.C. Escher intertwine in our social imaginary, travel between two worlds, the real one and the one that exists in our imagination; a bloody battle between the order established by the laws and socially accepted norms, and the bravery of a genius, who tried and managed to cross the limits of the physics to capture in his works what he saw in the beyond.

Not one of us needs to doubt the existence of an unreal, subjective space. But personally I am not sure of the existence of a real, objective space. All our senses reveal only a subjective world to us; all we can do is think and possibly mean that therefore we can conclude the existence of an objective world.

M.C. Escher


Photo of Escher working

Escher's interest in architecture led him to a fascinating journey through the study of forms, patterns, perspectives and visual games.



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Established by M.C. Escher himself in 1968, the foundation's goal is to preserve his legacy.



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