The Exhibition

Teaser exposici'on M.C.Escher: Universos Infinitos

Escher visited the Alhambra on two occasions; 1922 and 1936. The second visit, of which we are celebrating the 75th anniversary, made an impact that marked a before and after in the works of the brilliant Dutchman. His profound interest of mathematics, architecture and geometry marked his work. To commemorate this visit, The Parque de las Ciencias and the Patronato of the Alhambra have produced this exhibition that shows that decisive moment and the subsequent production that followed. With an avant-garde and enveloping design, the show includes 135 works from the Escher Foundation, where we can see the transition from still life to the manipulation of reality through his optical illusions. A fascinating visit to his Imaginary worlds.

75 years later: Escher back in Granada
W.F. Veldhuysen - Foundation M.C. Escher Chairman

The Alhambra in the imaginary world of Escher
Borja Ferrater / Juan Domingo Santos / Carlos Ferrater - Curators and Architects of the exhibition


As of the two thematic axes that introduce this exhibition, the sample is developed across 7 sections, although they do not follow a chronological order or intend to, they guide us across the different pictorial stages of the work of M.C. Escher and offer us a global vision of his work.

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