Escherian Worlds

Escherian worlds

Published: 06/04/11

Imagine a staircase, you raise one to one the steps with the target to come somewhere, to the flat of above, to the roof or to further away. But you never come, one, and another, and another and another … .and suddenly, you realize that you have been raising the same piece the whole time, the traces of your shoes, are even perceived in the following step. How is it possible? You will wonder... Escher, is the answer, Escher is what happened.

Welcome to an infinite world, an impossible world. In this world conventional laws are not applied, here the day mixes with the night, space flies through time, gravity is a mere spectator and it is possible that your own shade, turns into another being.

This is the window to lean out  of the escherian world, a space in which you will find information, videos, curiosities … multitude of things that sail along the network related to our favorite artist; also it is a space of interaction and participation, in which it is possible to think, to express itself and to communicate.


  • Sunday, 17 April 2011 10:01 posted by mcescher

    Impresionante Santiago!! Muchas gracias por el enlace! :)

  • Sunday, 17 April 2011 01:50 posted by santiago

    (basado en el grabado de Escher Límite Circular IV, 1960)

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